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AMO GmbH is your partner in the area of nanofabrication. We support you with focused research & development, prototyping and contract manufacturing. We offer the entire infrastructure required for nanofabrication for semiconductor based applications and realted technologies.

AMO competences:
• nanofabrication,
• nanoelectronics,
• nanophotonics and
• biotechnology

AMO is a research service provider for nanofabrication, a pathfinder for your exceptional demands.

Within many technical fields the employment of nanotechnology is enabling crucial improvements in product properties: Microelectronics is migrating to nanoelectronics and is creating largest storage densities and processor power – in the long term up to quantum devices. Thanks to new nanomaterials and manufacturing methods, integrated optics is developing into nanophotonics with the prospect of fast ”on chip“ optical data processing and the reduction of manufacturing costs. Nanostructures can now be manufactured in the size of biomolecules, thereby opening the possibility of highly exact analytical methods and the coupling of electronics with the biological world. The key to enter the nanocosm is the production technology for smallest structures. AMO’s tools are electrons, photons and economical printing processes (nanoimprint).



Major equipment

NanoCMOS line, electron beam lithography, UV nanoimprint lithography, interference lithography, i-line stepper lithography, nanoanalytics

International networking

IVAM, AENEAS, several European Networks

Research projects

Industry, BMBF, DFG, EU


AMD, Global Foundries, Infineon, Vistec, Suess MicroTec, EV Group, ST Microelectronics, Canberra, Micro Resist Technology, IMS-Chips, RWTH, VTT


High-End Nanoelectronic and Silicon Photonic Technology platform and Nanolithography expertize.

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