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The transition from micro- to nanoscale CMOS is the major challenge for the semiconductor industry during the next decade. Simple downscaling of device dimensions may not be sufficient to achieve the ambitious goals set by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).


The largest research group of AMICA is dedicated to CMOS research activities. Since the beginning of the year 2000 several projects have been carried out, ranging from new transistor concepts for end of roadmap scaling to devices with new materials like high k gate dielectrics, metal gates and silicides.


The team at AMICA has developed a flexible CMOS process platform that can be fine tuned for a variety of research and development applications. The range of devices and circuits include MOSFETs with 12nm gate length, novel high-k and metal gate transistors, nano-dot memory devices (in collaboration with the Institute for Semiconductor Electronics, RWTH-Aachen) and integrated circuits for system (SOC) on chip bio-electronics.


If you are looking for an experienced partner to demonstrate SOC feasibility in bio-chips, sensor-applications or MEMS/NEMS, we are the right address! We can look back at a large number of successfully completed public funded projects as well as a growing number of direct industry cooperations.

Available technology modules and products:

  • FinFet (Triple Gate MOSFet) device prototyping
    - High resolution nanoelectronic transistor fabrication
    - SOI CMOS process for device studies and end of roadmap transistors
    - Versatile platform technology
    - Flexible integration of new materials
  • Electronic sensor fabrication
    - Nanoscale electronic devices for ultrasensitive sensors
    - Platform for advanced gas and bio sensors
    - Prototyping and small volume production

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