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Silicon Photonics Technology

Get Access to AMO's Silicon Photonics Technology



Get Access

Consult AMO for the implementation of your nanophotonic design.



Send us a request. Together we will fix protection of your IP, feasibility of your idea, rough cost estimation and design rules.



Please provide us your design in GDS. AMO will check design rules and calculate cost and effort.



After your order AMO will fabricate your devices and will return the samples quickly after inspection.







Available Modules

AMO´s Technology is optimized for 220 nm/3000 nm and 340 nm/2000 nm (SOI/BOX) SOI wafers. Other substrate types are possible on request.


Processes for strip, rib, slotted and combined technology waveguides

Passive Devices

Processes for ring resonators, splitters, couplers, photonic crystals etc.

Active Devices

Processes for n+ and p+ doping and metal interconnects

Heater Technology

Processes for integrated microheaters


Processes for grating couplers and mode size converters

Peripheric structures

Processes for patterned top cladding, membrane etching, metal integration etc available




AMO offers a versatile and flexible technology platform for research, development and small-scale production of silicon nanophotonic devices and circuits.

Individual service

  for high flexibility and short 

Ultra-high accuracy 

  High resolution E-beam lithography for ultrasmall
  features below 50 nm with proximity correction,
  automated CD-SEM for accuracy check


- Substrate size from 2x2 cm² up to 6“
- From single chip to wafer batch processing
- Integration of special processes and materials
- Mix & Match with photolithography possible

Short turnaround  

  Processing run is 2..8 weeks depending on

IP protection guaranteed 

  Independent research SME allows  
  flexible IP-protection schemes adapted to
  customers' needs

Modes of cooperation

- Direct (from single chip to long-term 
- Subcontractor
- Project partner



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